About Us

We own and operate a manufacturing facility that produces some of the finest, American made, precision-crafted tools on the market.


What does that have to do with tiny homes?


A couple of our guys (including our CEO) have extensive engineering and construction backgrounds. They’ve designed and built tools, homes, barns, boats, canoes, airplanes and even drones! Building tiny homes is a natural fit for them, and they’re up for the challenge of creating homes that are unique, functional and pretty darn good looking.


We also have resources.  Our precision-cutting CNC machines turn out tiny home parts that are perfect every single time. Plenty of shop space means we can construct as many prototypes as we need until the design is right. Employees who are well versed in CAD programs, graphic design, and tech writing ensure that our plans and instructions are top-notch.


We have a strong interest in tiny homes, the expertise to design and build them, the facilities to manufacture homes of the highest quality, and the ability to train others to build their own tiny home just the way they want it.


So the question isn’t WHY build tiny homes. It’s WHY NOT?


Meet Darrel…

darrelHe’s the founder of Whistle Crossing Tiny Homes. A few years ago, he invented and developed an internationally known line of decorative concrete tools. Now he’s enjoying designing and developing tiny homes and other small structures.

During his spare time, Darrel enjoys riding motorcycles, working on his hobby farm, and dreaming up his next invention.





Meet Clint…

clintHe’s our carpenter, engineer, CAD expert and all around good-at-everything guy.  Clint is responsible for constructing tiny home prototypes, producing CAD designs and images and developing building plans.

During his spare time, Clint enjoys photography, building and flying drones, and spending time with his son.